Design & Print – Yoichi Okubo, Hidden Shangri-La Book

06/22/22 | Published By Angela Campbell

Author Yoichi Okubu has combined interview articles in Japanese and English about thirteen independent bookstores in Vancouver into a book which was designed and printed all in-house at Mitchell!

The book is called Hidden Shangri-La, The Philosophy of 13 Bookshops in Vancouver. We helped Yoichi with his design, from colours to typography. We then digitally printed the book on our Kodak Nexfinity and perfect bound the book all in-house. This book made use of many of our services from beginning to end.

Check out Yoichi’s experience in this link:

Yoichi Okubo
Instagram: @ocean016453
Email: [email protected]

Author: Yoichi Okubo
Printing: Mitchell Digital
Sr. Business Solution Specialist: Crystal Wong
Design: Angela Campbell
Print Coordination: Marcela Valiente

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