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We are committed to making every business decision with a green lens. We actively track, measure, and report on our entire operational and indirect emissions, including our clients work, with the focus to improve our sustainable business and that of our client partners.

We recognize we are in the midst of a climate crisis, and the industrial sector is in a unique position to enact real, impactful change. This is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. By taking accountability for our environmental impact, we can better introduce new technologies, design innovative processes, and build relationships with partners on a similar sustainable journey.





Tracking & Measuring Emissions
In order to establish a trust-based partnership between Mitchell and our customers, we understand the importance of being truly transparent with our operational- and procurement-based emissions. To guide us through this reporting journey, we developed a partnership with Radicle Balance, and their carbon management program: Climate Smart. With Climate Smart’s guidance in creating a robust process for tracking and measuring our activities, we can account for all our associated carbon emissions. Coming Soon: 2022 Sustainability Report and Reduction Plan
Responsible Recycling
Mitchell is currently on a journey to Zero Waste. Our comprehensive in-house recycling program diverts the majority of our material usage to recycling facilities, with the remaining waste treated at a waste-to-energy facility.
Operational Initiatives
To make sure our activities are sustainable, we have developed practices and invested in technology that minimizes the impact of our operations on the environment, as follows.
  • Introduced Canada’s first Landa Nanographic Press – learn more about the Landa’s environmental features here (link to blog post)
  • Sustainable building retrofit: LED lighting, thermal roof liner & intelligent energy consumption
  • Use of nominal VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) inks and ZERO VOC Ultraviolet coating
  • Afterburners fueled by leftover solvents to reduce gas consumption
  • Process-free plates that eliminate the need for toxic chemical usage
  • Sustainability


    In 2023, Mitchell developed a “Green Team” of individuals passionate about sustainable reform. Representing multiple departments across the company, the varied expertise of the Green Team will guide Mitchell towards ambitious, interdepartmental climate action.

    Meet the Green Team Members
    Chair: Holly Denson-Camp (Environmental Coordinator)

    Tony Barraclough (Operations Manager)
    Brian Beharrell (Procurement Manager)
    Travis Petten (B1 Binder)
    Sandy Bau (Sr. Solutions Specialist)
    Alexander Neubauer (Systems & Software Integration Specialist)
    I-Chen Hsu (Digital Media Technician)
    Rodney Cameron (Estimator)
    Jithin Nath (Estimator)
    Annual Plan Highlights:
  • Rejuvenate our team garden
  • Conduct our second annual Dumpster Dive waste audit
  • Create a recycling stream standard operating procedure, for introducing new materials and technologies to our plant
  • Expand our Procurement Policy to include more ambitious targets
  • Research the feasibility of new sustainable investments
  • Send out regular environmental engagement campaigns to team members
  • Sustainability


    Paper Procurement
    At Mitchell we believe there is power in knowledge, especially when it comes to our supply chain. Our Chain of Custody Certification and partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C011267) certifies that our paper is sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable manner.

    Currently, 90-95% of our purchased paper Is FSC®-certified, but we strive to continuously increase that percentage of use. Consider requesting FSC®-certified paper for your next job to ensure the ethical and sustainable sourcing of your end-product.

    Button: Read our Core Labour Policy
    Ancient and Endangered Forest Purchasing Policy
    Mitchell is working with not-for-profit, Canopy Planet, to encourage governments and the forestry sector to support and advance protection of the worlds ancient and endangered forests. We have also supported Canopy’s Pack4Good initative that commits us to being proactive and conscious of our packaging use.

    Read more about both of these initiatives below:

    Button: Ancient and Endangered Forest Conservation Vision and Eco-Paper Procurement Policy.

    Button: Pack4Good Position Statement.
    Alternative Fibres
    Mitchell was one of the first printers in North America to press test reHarvest™, the Willamette Falls Paper Company’s agricultural residue straw paper, which is comprised of 10% wheat straw fibre.

    Button: Letter of interest to purchase straw (agricultural) fibre content paper
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