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ePublishing, Microsites, Augmented and 3D Visuals, combine to create the world of Mitchell NEW MEDIA. Leverage the power of data with your print.

NEW MEDIA connects the craft of print to the digital world. It allows us to add fresh content, measure responses and leverage the power of data back to our audiences. This is a tremendous value-added experience for those looking to move beyond tradition and get noticed.

What is e-Publishing?

Digital Publishing, also known as e-publishing, harnesses the power of electronic platforms such as: micrositese-booksphonesipads and tablets. Some versions provide revenue streams through monthly subscriptions, and some are created as free content then monetized through advertising or content marketing. Why is it a perfect companion to your printed publication? You harvest data and analytics that you can sell back to your advertisers!

Web Apps – Microsites

Digital Publishing for Brand publishing / Content Marketing. Microsites are an effective and portable version of your Magazine, Report or Catalog. It is a slightly re-imagined version of your print piece with expanded premium content. HTML/ CSS-based applications can be reached on any web-connected device, whether that be desktop or mobile.

A great publishing tool for creating native Apps is Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) previously known as Adobe Publishing Suite, which in turn is part of the enterprise content solutions. The Mobile Content solution allows you to produce digital, interactive magazines as apps.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) provides the ability to impose an alternative reality experience onto a printed story, a 3rd party App or our patented white label cloud based APP is used to launch virtual images, 3D objects, and interactive content (videos/photos/websites or complex animations) over top of a printed target. With real time Google Analytics, you can easily turn your AR experience into an incredibly effective tool for education, training, sales and marketing… Or just plain fun adding gamification to advertisements and editorial content.

AR without an APP? Yes, today Mitchell can enable web-based AR experiences! Imagine Augmented Banner Ads, Augmented Websites. Ask us how!

3D Visuals

3D Visuals or Virtual Reality (VR) is the art of creating hyper-realistic environments, product models and renderings. Imagine however using your rendering as an interactive environment.  Tour your showroom or custom environment and change your experiences with the touch of a button.


  1. White Label custom AR applications
  2. Educational and Retail AR experiences
  3. Immersive event-based AR/VR experiences
  4. 2D and 3D architectural renderings
  5. Immersive 3D models and experiences
  6. 3D Floorplans, Dollhouse, Renderings and Animations
  7. Real time analytics to understand client behaviour

Did we get your attention? Please reach out for a demonstration.

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