Mitchell – A G7 Master Facility

11/14/22 | Published By Angela Campbell

Mitchell – A G7 Master Facility

At Mitchell, we are passionate about colour, that is why we are so proud to have, not only one, BUT two, in-house G7 Experts and to be a G7 Master Facility, which we re-certify annually. Year after year, we are committed to printing outstanding colours, providing our customers with the most accurate branding possible.

G7 Master Facility Badge

What is G7?

G7 is the gold standard for colour consistency in printing. The G7 methodology aligns the appearance of different printing methods or classes as closely as possible to each other for vibrant, consistent, and repeatable results.

Here at Mitchell, ALL our devices are G7 certified, which means that we are achieving visual similarity across all our printing processes. Ask your favourite printer if all of their devices are verified.

Our G7 Certified Equipment

Komori 38S

Mitchell Press’s Komori 38S is a heat set, high-speed offset web press, that embodies reliability, speed, and quality printing. With running speeds up to 50,000 impressions per hour this press is perfect for runs of 500 into the millions. It also boasts inline perforation, folding, 4 colours front and back, and matte, satin, or gloss UV coating in a single pass. The Komori 38S is the choice for high-quality, high-speed printing while paired with the expertise of Mitchell’s trusted press team to deliver prestige results.

Epson Proof System

The Epson Proof System is used in production for contract colour proofing to provide an accurate match to our offset presses. This gives our clients an opportunity to see their valuable artwork before committing to large-scale print production.

Kodak Nexfinity

Mitchell Digital’s award-winning digital sheetfed press, the Kodak Nexfinity, is perfect for high-quality and short-medium run jobs, in addition to individualized, variable printing. Nexfinity’s high-resolution writing system and new screening algorithms tighten control of dot sharpness, boosting quality and consistency over long runs. It also allows for special dry inks in addition to CMYK, such as Gold, White, Metallic, Raised Clear Ink and gamut expanding dry inks; Red, Green and Blue.

HP 570 Latex Large Format

The HP 570 Latex is used for our large format printing such as posters, popup banners, window adhesives, wallpaper and any large-scale signage or artwork. The HP 570 Latex is an environmentally friendly option thanks to its water-based inks. This press can print a large variety of materials such as adhesive, banners, fabric, and paper, making it extremely beneficial for all large-scale artworks and advertising.

Our G7 Experts

Our in-house G7 experts Patrick Guerini and Jason Louie consistently monitor our G7 colour accuracy on all equipment. Guerini and Louie have trained and tested with Idealliance to meet the requirements of a G7 Expert.

With the help of our talented production teams, Mitchell specializes in achieving the best colour results at all stages of production.

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